Intex Pool Heater For Up To 15Ft (4.57m) Diameter Pools

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Intex 28684 water heater for the pool, perfect to enjoy it even outside the hottest months of the year thanks to its innovative low energy consumption able to warm up the water to 35°.

This heater pump for the pool by Intex is a most innovative pool accessory that will warm up the water of your pool to 35° in just a short time. In case you already own a solar heater Intex 28685 this can be easily combined for added power.

This Intex 28684 is able to warm up the water by 0.25° per hour in a 10 m2 pool.

Easy to install and designed to save time and energy with its innovative internal heating system.

How to install:

  • 1. Place the heater next to the filter pump
  • 2. Attach it and press the reset button
  • 3. The pool will start tho heat up
  • 4. The heating has 32 mm connections and you simply plug it in the mains (220-240 V).

Safety instructions:

  • The built in safety systems make this heater durable over the years
  • A sensor avoid turning on the heater when the water is too low
  • A safety lock interrupts power supply when electronical issues arise
  • A thermostat protects the heater from overheating
  • A sensor turns off the heater when a fall is detected

Accessories included:

  • 3 KW heating with RCD plug
  • One 155 cm connection hose with 32 mm diameter
  • Thermometer
  • Thermostat
  • Ring strains
Operating Type:
  • AC 220-240V with RCD
Packing Type:
  • Box