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Swim Gear

  • Play Series
  • Sport Series
  • Pro Series
Colorful and design oriented for kids
Ages 3-8 and 8+
Superior in design, comfort and durability, Colors made for teenagers and adults.
Ages 8+ and 14+
Designed for top performance.
Highest quality. Ideal for young and mature adults, as well as the professional swim gear market.
Ages 3-10 , 8+ and 14+


  • UV Safe : Lenses incorporate advanced UV protection to reduce the sun's damaging UVA & UVB rays
  • Splash Guard : Snorkel is configured to prevent water from flowing into the top, allowing the diver to easily swim below the surface.
  • FOG Safe :Lenses are treated with a special coating that keeps them clear underwater, ensuring 100% visibility.
  • Silicone Seal : Seals use silicone, ensuring a softer, more form fitting product that is comfortable and water -tight.
  • Latex Free : Products incorporate hypoallergenic materials that protect users from potentially irritating latex.
  • Tempered Glass : Mask contains enhanced glass which in stronger and more transparent than standard models.
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